Dena 6 – The Credits

The Librarian and The Banjo

A film by Jim Carrier

Dena Epstein
Suzanne Epstein
Suzanne Flandreau
Carolina Chocolate Drops
Bill Ferris
George Wunderlich
Tony Thomas
Laurent DuBois
Guthrie Ramsey, Jr.
Eric Weissberg
Bela Fleck
Pete Ross
Rhiannon Giddens
Bobby Fulcher
Scott Didlake
Tony Trischka
Robert Winans
Shlomo Pestcoe
Daniel Jatta
Greg C. Adams
Sule Greg Wilson
Lynn Weiner
John Gurda
Guy de Chalus
Dom Flemons
Justin Robinson

Dena recreation model
Trish O’Kane

Voice actors
Norm Stockwell
Nicholas Wootton
Matt De Paolis
Tony Abate
Melvin Hinton
Jim Carrier

Consulting Editor
Kelley Baker

Graphic and logo design
Valerie Downes

Sound Design
Kelley Baker

Color Correction
Tashai Lovington

Additional camera
John Whitehead
John Giannini
Simon Holland
Billy Paul Jones
Dinah DeSpenza

Suzanne Epstein
Library of Congress
University of Wisconsin
University of Illinois Press
Angeliska Polacheck
Shlomo Pestcoe
Ulf Jagfors

Additional footage and audio provided by:

Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College Chicago
Promotional Video ©2003
Kinshasha Holman Conwill, producer
Nicole Franklin, interviewer, director, cameraman, editor

Music Library Association

University of Illinois
Student Life and Culture Archival Program
Ellen Swain
Chris D’Arpa

Chicago Public Library
Tony Phillips

Ulf Jagfors
Theo Lissenberg
Carrie Didlake
Lothar Spree

The filmmaker thanks the following institutions and individuals for their generous help:

Columbia College
Center for Black Music Research
Morris Phibbs
Horace Maxile Jr.
Suzanne Flandreau
Laurie Lee Moses
Janet Harper

Oakland Public Conservatory of Music
Angela Wellman, founding director

Wisconsin Historical Society
Richard Pifer
Harry Miller

University of Wisconsin – Madison
Mills Music Library
Jeanette Casey
Tom Caw

UW Library System
Edward Van Gemert
Jeffrey Gayton

Newberry Library
Kelly McGrath

Library of Congress
Jennifer Gavin
Karen Linn Femia

New York Public Library 
George Boziwick

Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Rosenthal Archives
Frank Villella

University of Chicago
Scott Landvatter

Carolina Chocolate Drops
Rhiannon Giddens
Dom Flemons
Justin Robinson
Jimmy Rhine
Dolphus Ramseur

Deering – The Great American Banjo Company
Carolina Bridges

Tennessee Banjo Institute
Bobby Fulcher
Buddy Ingram

Old Town School of Folk Music
Chris Walz

Orton Park Festival
Bob Queen
Andy Moore

Berea College
Harry Rice

Music Maker Relief Foundation
Tim Duffey

University of Illinois Press
Judith McCulloh

Pittsburgh Banjo Club

Madison Early Music Festival
Cheryl Rowe

Banjo Collectors Gathering
Hank Schwartz
Jim Bollman
Peter Szego

Spruce Tree Music
Will Bremer
Julie Luther

Stephen Wade
James Leary
Mike Seeger
Kip Lornell
Mary Wallace Davidson
Shelia Smith
CeCe Conway
Clarke Buehling
Howard Sacks
George Gibson
Eli Kaufman
Michael Ochs
Bob & Levina Kollar
Amy Carrier
Cathleen Caron
Woody Richman
Bonnie Timmons
Bill Wunsch
Bill Evans
Michael Miles
Marc Fields
Otis Taylor
Joe Davis
Bill Brummel
John Fabke
Joan Dickerson
Greg Barker
Chris Durman
Tammy Clemons
Karin Wolf
Lorie Docken
Bill Malone
Bobby Malone
Doug Moe
Tim O’Brien

This project is funded in part by a grant from the Madison Arts Commission, with additional funds from the Wisconsin Arts Board.

Additional support was received from:
Berea College
Music Library Association, Carol June Bradley Award
Columbia College, Center for Black Music Research

Dena Epstein’s work was supported by grants from:
Grant-in-aid, American Council of Learned Societies, April, 1970
Grant, Illinois Arts Council, August, 1970
Grant, National Endowment for the Humanities, June 1971, March 1973

Soundtrack Music

Snowdrop, traditional, arranged by Stephen Wade, Merrywang Music, ASCAP. Performed by Stephen Wade.

Going Round This World (Banjo Pickin’ Girl), traditional, Performed by Bobby Fulcher

Georgia Buck, traditional, arranged by Stephen Wade, Merrywang Music, ASCAP. Performed by Stephen Wade.

Cluckin’ Hen, traditional, arranged by Stephen Wade, Merrywang Music, ASCAP. Performed by Stephen Wade.

Michael Row The Boat Ashore, traditional. Performed by Jim Carrier

Minstrel banjo warmup exercise. Performed by Greg Adams

Juba, traditional. Performed by Clarke Buehling on gourd banjo

Horace Weston’s Celebrated Minor Jig, Horace Weston, Performed by Bob Winans

Akonting traditional melody, Performed by Greg Adams

Green Corn, traditional, Performed by Clarke Buehling

Spanish Fandango, traditional, arranged by Stephen Wade, Merrywang Music, ASCAP. Performed by Stephen Wade.

Georgia Buck, traditional, arranged and performed by the Carolina Chocolate Drops

Old Corn Liquor, traditional, performed by Tony Thomas

Dueling Banjos intro, performed by Jim Carrier

Old Joe Clark, traditional. Performed by Eric Weissberg

Reuben, traditional. Performed by Bobby Fulcher

Moroccan melody, traditional. Performed by Said Hakmoun and Brahim Fribgane

Get Up John, traditional. Performed by Tony Trischka

Briggs’ Jig, Thomas Briggs. Performed by Tony Trischka

Tom Briggs’ Jig, Thomas Briggs. Performed by Bob Winans

Gambia Akonting song. Performed by Greg Adams

Corina Corina, Nathan Frazier. Performed by Pete Ross

Klezmer style, Performed by Shlomo Pestcoe

Winin’ Boy Blues, Jelly Roll Morton. Performed by Shlomo Pestcoe

Banjo funk. Arranged and performed by Sule Greg Wilson

Minstrel riff. Arranged and performed by Guy de Chalus

Marching through Georgia, traditional, arranged by Stephen Wade, Merrywang Music, ASCAP. Performed by Stephen Wade.

Snowden’s Jig (Genuine Negro Jig) Lew and Ben Snowden/Dan Emmett. Arranged and performed by the Carolina Chocolate Drops

Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Traditional
Produced, arranged by Sule Greg Wilson
Performed by Pura Fe
Background vocals: Pura Fe, Senbi Wilson, Sule Greg Wilson
Instruments: Scott Didlake gourd banza
Wunderlich minstrel tambourine
pandiero played by Sule Greg Wilson
Recorded @ RavenPheat Productions, LLC.
John Mahoney, engineer