The History, Meaning and Magic of GPS – now in paperback or eBook

From award-winning science writer Jim Carrier comes the remarkable story of GPS – an invention so woven into the fabric of modern life we can’t imagine civilization without it.

A troubled child of the Cold War, satellite navigation was created to aim nuclear missiles. Today, it is also used to find grandma’s house, guide drones, track packages, plant crops, spy on each other, and keep time. We take it granted, like we do electricity, unaware of how it almost didn’t happen.


Jim Carrier, a veteran writer, contributor to the New York Times and the National Geographic, transatlantic sailor, and a GPS entrepreneur, provides the first easy-to-understand primer on the fascinating history and vital importance of this civilizing tool. With 25 photos and illustrations.

Available as a 54-page paperback for $5.99 from Amazon.

The book can also be ordered from your favorite bookstore: ISBN-13: 978-1540354945 (CreateSpace-Assigned). ISBN-10: 1540354946

Also available as an eBook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBook, Kobo and Google books.