Riveting hurricane books – read or listen.

The new hurricane season has once again focused our attention on hurricanes, their origins, their forecasts, and their awesome power.

Two of the most recent destructive storms – Mitch and Katrina – are detailed in books by Jim Carrier. They are available for instant downloading, listening on Audible, or reading on most e-Book platforms. Charity is also available in paperback. See links below.

The Ship and The Storm, described as “unequivocally THE BEST storm narrative” (Wendy Mitman Clarke), and “Utterly compulsive and unputdownable – the most exciting, authentic and humanly moving of all the recent storm books.” (Jonathon Raban), details the birth and deaths of Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Masterfully moving between the crew on deck of a doomed cruise ship and the forecasters of the National Hurricane Center, the book follows the path of the most destructive hurricane in the Western Hemisphere. It can be purchased as an eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Books and Kobo. Or listen to the new audio book on Audible.

Charity – the Heroic and Heartbreaking Story of Charity Hospital in Hurricane Katrina, is a remarkably concise drama of tragedy and heroism. “In a dying city and dying hospital…as if struck by angels, people walked out of Charity changed.” The author and his wife lost their home in Katrina, but returned to New Orleans — she to teach, and he to interview doctors, nurses, patients and staff. The story can be purchased as a paperback book or eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books.